Looking for a modern design in your next car? The new Nissan Altima brings aggressive styling, ultimate comfort, and fun driving to drivers around Greenvale. Leasing a brand-new Nissan Altima brings benefits that make it the perfect option for you.

The Nissan lease program is ideal for drivers who take good care of their vehicles, drive fewer than 15,000 miles each year, and want a new vehicle every few years. Here are some key benefits drivers enjoy with a lease.

  • Leasing an Altima allows the driver to enjoy a bigger, well-equipped vehicle than what could be purchased for the same amount of money.
  • You get a lower payment with a lease compared to purchasing. That means you only pay for the part of the Altima's life that you actually use. You aren't paying full price for a vehicle you plan on driving for only a few years.
  • With a lease, you get the full enjoyment of driving a new Altima. The power under the hood offers a combination of power and fuel efficiency that's uncommon in the industry. Drivers get instant power off the line. As the car reaches speed, the fuel efficiency kicks in.

Nissan Altima Performance

The Altima has available All-Wheel Drive to handle any road condition. In wet or icy conditions, the system brings power to the wheels to gain traction, giving the driver a steadier ride. Steering and handling are tuned in perfectly. A stiff chassis offers a firm base for the adventurous driver. The steering is instantaneous so you can lean into the curve ahead. The independent rear suspension offers a quieter ride as well as natural stability and confident handling.

Interior Features

Nissan includes the latest technology in the Altima. With seamless connectivity and top-notch navigation, you will stay connected no matter where you wander. High quality audio and remote access make this vehicle perfect for long and short trips.

Passengers front and back enjoy plenty of head and leg space, along with luxurious finishes inside the vehicle. Drivers in Greenvale love the standard features the Nissan Altima offers. Take a test drive today at Baron Nissan in Greenvale. Then, get your lease and go for a drive!

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